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Stephanie Theban

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Stephanie has received recognition in the Oklahoma Writers Foundation, Inc. writing contest and as the winner of the Nita Buckley Award. 

Stephanie’s picture book, Alfred, was published by Doodle and Peck Publishing Company in 2019. Three of her poems were included in an anthology, The Working Man’s Hand, published by Fine Dog Press in 2023.


Moose watches the birds and insects flit and flutter like ballerinas. He sees the stars and moon dance across the sky. Moose wants to dance, too. But at Miss Melissa’s Dance Studio, the other animals tell him he can’t dance, and he certainly doesn’t have the proper costume. Moose is discouraged. He practices more and tries one more time to convince Miss Melissa to let him join the dance class. Miss Melissa finally realizes Moose is a good dancer, just with his own unique style.

Alfred Children's Book